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              The DiaperCake Bear provides professional Baby Shower Planning services. We want you to be  "stress free" for one of the most memorable events in your life.  We have several packages available that includes chairs, tables, centerpieces, tablecovers, and many more options.
              Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful set up to celebrate your special event. Below, you will find some of our most popular packages and you also have the option to create your own or upgrade our package with additional cost. Price will be given based on your request.
                 So, it's easy as 1-2-3!
                        - Pick a package
                        - Pick your 2 colors
                        - Reserve your date/time for set
                        - Pay online
                    Then, we take care of the rest! 
  "BARGAIN BABY" PACKAGE: $345.00 plus tax
   1 Design Consultation 
    3 Tables (6ft rectangle or 4ft round)- seats 6 to 8
    3 Tablecloths (polyester)
    20  White  folding chairs 
    3 Centerpieces
    1 Large Diaper Wreath w/goodies
    "SNUGGLE BUG" PACKAGE: $465.00 plus tax
      1 Design Consultation
     3 Tables (8ft rectangle or 5ft round)-seats 8 to10
     3 Tablecloths (polyester)
      25 White  folding chairs
     1 (25 ct) pack of Plasticware, napkins, cups, plates (1 color)
      3 Balloon Centerpieces 
      1 Square Gift Table
      1 Plastic Tablecover 
      1 2-Tier Diaper Cake (your choice of 2 colors)
     1 Classic "Mommy Chair" (w/decorations in 2 colors)
"SPECIAL MOMMY" PACKAGE: $525.00 plus tax
   1 Design Consultation
    5  6ft Tables with fabric Linens (1 color) 
    30 Folding Chairs  
    5 Balloon Centerpieces
    1 Decorated Gift Table w/fabric linens (1 color)
    1 Balloon Arch (2 colors)
    1 Cake Table with fabric linens (1 color) 
    1 Deluxe "Mommy Chair" w/footstool or side table (2 colors)
   1 3-Tier Diaper Cake (2 colors)
   1 (50 ct) pack of napkins, cups, plates and plasticware (1 color)
  "PRECIOUS BABY" PACKAGE: $895.00 plus tax
    1 Design Consultaion
    8 6ft Tables with Fabric Linens
    50 Folding Chairs with  White Chair Covers
    8 Centerpieces
    1 Decorated Square Cake Table w/fabric linens 
    1 Balloon Arch (2 colors)
    1 3-Tier Diaper Cake (2 colors)
     50 Plastic Plates, Cups, Napkins n Plasticware (1 color)
    50 Baby Shower Favors  (toule n candy)
    1 Deluxe "Mommy Chair" with footstool or Side table 
    1 Sheet Cake for 50 guests (yellow)
                           ***Cake Tasting Offered***
     "BABY BLISS" PACKAGE: $1295.00 plus tax
    1 Design Consultation with Planner at location of event
     10 8ft Decorated Tables with linens
     80 Folding Chairs w/ Chair Covers n Organza Sash
     10 Ballon Centerpieces
     1 Decorated Cake Table w/fabric linens
     1 Decorated Gift Table w/fabric linens
     1 Deluxe "Mommy Chair" with footstool or side table
     1 3-Tier Diaper Cake (2 colors)
     2 Balloon Arch (2 colors)
     75 Baby Shower Favors
     1 Sheet Cake for 75 guests (yellow)
     100 Plastic plates, napkins,cups and Plasticware (1color)
                      ***Cake Tasting Offered***
    You have the option to put together your own package and you will be given a price based on your request. This option does not include Delivery, Set Up and Breakdown or Design Consultation. Those services will be offered at an additional cost.
              No coupons are accepted with this option!
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